With Vivian Girls’ stock in a nosedive and the rest of the balmy, buzzy, indie-rock generation dipping towards a critical crash, La Sera is on her second record in a year. Basically the solo-project of the Vivians’ Katy Goodman, ‘Sees the Light’ is a breezy, low-stakes venture of lightly spiked, melodramatic guitar-pop from someone who’s been doing this sort of thing for a long time.

Yeah, the mainlined hooks on ‘I Can’t Keep You on My Mind’ feel good, and the gentle “doo-doos” that dot the teary ‘It’s Over Now’ might stick around for a while, but you ain’t gonna play this one twice. You might fall in love, assuming you haven’t been thoroughly jaded by literal hours of dream-swollen, bedroom-sewn pop that came before it. So go ahead and pass this one along to your mum. I mean, it’s not like the songwriting is bad, there’s just a lot of competition.

By Luke Winkie

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