Before we begin, no not a typo. So what of this Brooklyn-based five-piece with a knack for bad grammar or an unhealthy obsession with German film director Werner Herzog? Well, they’re dreamers, creating Spiritualized-sized five-minute-plus romantic lullabies. Opener ‘Higher Palms’ is subtle, ethereal and beautiful, even if frontman Fred Coldwell does border on sounding like Courtney Love in her better (ahem) days. ‘Jesus Christ’ and album highlight ‘Cracking Eggs’ keep the romanticism alive, but there isn’t enough of this edge to make the snails-pace 1990s soft-grunge really stand out.

The opening instrumental on ‘Odvip’ has Granddaddy promise, but then the Courtney drone is unleashed and all is ruined – and it’s seven minutes long. At times, ‘In Ghostlike Fading’ offers such tenderness, there’s a glimmer that we’ve found the next Mercury Rev, but the debut takes too much effort to warm to, or perhaps it’s just not that warming.

By Laura Davies

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