The debut from Copenhagen-via-Berlin band Pinkunoizu didn’t so much arrive on my desk as waft down on a tattered Persian carpet to pour me a thimbleful of intoxicating syrup. Taking the post-rock of their previous incarnation, ‘Le Fiasko’, the four Danes douse elliptical grooves with ‘60s pop tones and hypnotic melodies to create a lo-fi grooviness that fans of Stereolab or Animal Collective would welcome.

Opener ‘Time Is Like A Melody’ is like seeing a sunrise from underwater, rhythms expanding and contracting like lapping waves. The grooves aren’t merely groovy, though, but alluring, sucking you into a fantastical hinterland of vintage psychedelia where Eastern scales and one-chord drone jams mesh with bathroom echo guitars and sweetened melodies. There’s no showing off here though – all is decidedly low-key. Much like ‘936’, Peaking Lights’ sleeper hit last year, ‘Free Time!’ deserves to be the gauzy backdrop to another Indian summer.

By Chal Ravens

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