Much as a film buff would watch a Hammer Horror, certain records require evaluation as a genre piece. ‘Brostep’ may be rightly maligned or just misunderstood, but it certainly sets its own standards. There are basically two flavours on the over-long ‘Songs’. The first is the cut’n’shut bruiser, starting off like Eurodance diva Cascada before dropping into the requisite ‘filthy’ wub-wub bassline – play while simultaneously streaming porn and Googling supercars.

The exception is ‘Pressure’, a honking slice of absurdo-pop, like Basement Jaxx at their fizziest, which just cries out for Katy B on vocals (sadly all the singers are uncredited). The other flavour is lower tempo dub-lite, touching on Gorillaz territory while revealing Rusko’s perhaps misguided belief that he is the heir to King Tubby’s throne. Adopting an end-of-exams-foam-party mindset enables a fairer assessment of the undeniably competent work on offer here, and the fact is, six out of 13 songs are 100% fit for purpose – rules dictate a halfway score!

By Chal Ravens

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