The third album from New York duo Alejandra Deheza and Benjamin Curtis is being presented as the record which will take the pair from the lower reaches of the touring circuit and festival bills to somewhere much, much higher. It’s certainly grander in scale than their previous efforts, with each track of this nine-song collection produced with a glacial sheen.

Much like Ladytron when they were at their best, ‘Ghostory’ combines an elegant poppyness with a haunting sonic backdrop that brings to mind My Bloody Valentine when they were at their most eager to please. Tracks whirl by, with the likes of ‘The Night’, ‘Lafaye’ and ‘Show Me Love’ particularly standing out with their icy layers of sound and stupidly infectious choruses. ‘Ghostory’ is being presented as School of Seven Bells’ crossover record, and that’s exactly what it’ll be.

By Tom Goodwyn