Sounding like a super distorted Sonic Youth, ‘Leave Home’ – The Men’s second album – only reached this side of the Atlantic in November, and already we have ‘Open Your Heart’ – a (slightly) less abrasive take on the American garage band sound.

Where the last piled on the fuzz and let the feedback squeal, this album explores the various veins of that most wholesome of US genres – Country. In the hands of The Men, though, things remain loud, often fast and very un-Carrie Underwood. ‘Turn It Around’ is bludgeoning bar brawl music; the instrumental, wiry ‘Country Song’ carries the uncertainty of the open road; ‘Oscillation’ is a pumping psychedelic number spoken by a trucker killer; ‘Candy’ is a rare moment of delicacy around the campfire. It’s this willingness to evolve and The Men’s undeniable competence in fucking with rock genres that makes them the best post-hardcore band around.

By Danny Canter

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