The Kraftwerk-like cover to this ‘The Echo Show’ suggests a cold, European minimalism from, but as it soon transpires, nothing could be further from the truth. Amalgamating dream pop, ambience, electronica and an almost shoegaze sensibility, Yeti Lane’s second album succeeds in providing a warmth, personality and charm that is incredibly alive.

A series of floating pop songs reign supreme through the majority of the album, however they are interspersed with ambient offerings that are simply titled by punctuation, although their humble names don’t do justice to the intricate, delicate and often exquisite sonic explorations on offer. The rollicking finale of ‘Faded Spectrum’ (arguably the album’s pinnacle) is a seven minute haze of twisting guitars and pounding drums, sitting somewhere between Deerhunter and Spacemen 3. ‘The Echo Snow’ is a glorious record.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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