Essentially, this is a laid-back, Californian, solo record, but it also has all the ingredients to actually make a sizable dent in the musical landscape. There have been many attempts of late (Grouplove, Edward Sharp et al), but none quite live up to the ethereal promise quite like San Diego-born Trevor Powers, who has created somthing gorgeous and sad enough to  soundtracked Where the Wild Things Are.

‘The Year of Hiberbation’ might only by eight tracks long, but the five-minute-plus ‘Afternoons’ alone forgives that. It’s what MGMT should’ve done on ‘Congratulations’, and is already a contender for anthem of the summer. Powers is going on tour with Death Cab for Cutie soon, so you get the idea. The crystal-cut guitar sound, snapping laptop drum beats and gooey vocals equal a mysterious offering that really will stay with you.

By Laura Davies

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