The first thing that strikes you about ‘I love You, It’s Cool’ is just how busy it is – every layer, tiny corner and minute detail seems drenched in intricacies. The expectant results is therefore a messy, incoherent, spoiled album, perhaps, but instead the Brooklyn trio have managed to make a record that is a masterful display in arrangement and song craft. Heavily reliant on offbeat cadences, pulsing synthesisers and wonky atmospheres, coupled with distinctive vocals, this gives anything Phoenix, Yeasayer or Of Montreal have done a serious run for their money. Highlights are plentiful and their successes are just as reliant on sonic experimentation as they are pop convention. Bear in Heaven may be on a self-described path to “take the pop song and ruin it” but they may just have inadvertently done the opposite here and conquered it.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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