“Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” So said none other than Jedi master Yoda, who we feel confident to say has never listened to the Cancer Bats. Maybe he’s been too busy selling out to Vodafone, but if he had, he’d know that a healthy amount of anger will sometimes lead to fucking scorching records. ‘Dead Set on Living’, which channels its fury into riffs so hard Chuck Norris’ fingers would bleed playing them, is such a record.

“There’s a special place in hell/for motherfuckers like you,” spits singer Liam Cormier on opener “R.A.T.S.”, and this is about as conciliatory as it gets. With riffs worthy of Machinehead (‘Drunken Physics’) and the ability to speed things up punk rock style (‘Rally the Wicked’), a sense of defiance in the face of hostile circumstances is conveyed, which is both refreshing and urgently needed.

By Matthias Scherer

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