After two little-known, self-released albums, which could be found floating around the net at the end of the last decade, Sonic Cathedral picked up this Baltimore three-piece, and this seven-track, half-hour mini-album of fuzzy, shoegaze-ey, underwater US indie is the first fruit of that collaboration. ‘Glitter’’s seven tracks aren’t self-contained, but linked by passages of droney noise or delicate piano-based vignettes.

The whole record has a far away, formless feel, as if it’s been played to you from the bottom of a disused lift shaft filled with gloopy gel. Meanwhile, the vocals are an indistinct, almost wordless afterthought; in fact you almost wish main man Josh Frazier had taken the risky step of dispensing with them altogether, all the better to allow the dense layers of fuzzy guitar to breathe, as the album’s high point – the engaging and urgent ‘Oohahh’ – is entirely instrumental and all the better for it.

By Chris Watkeys

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