Dirty Three return for their first album in seven years, and a most welcome return it is. Few people have the command over their instruments and self-honed sound quite like Dirty Three do, when those jazz-like drums start up tapping, whispering ever so gently and delicately, acting like the calm before the storm and Warren’s crying violin starts to wail over Mick Turner’s indistinguishable electric guitars strums, you just know it’s them.

Apart from the opening curve ball thrown by the agitated and demented ‘Furnace Skies’, it’s pretty much business as usual for the rest of the album, but rather than feeling jaded or empty, they continue to execute songs of subtle beauty and quiet refrain. There are no raging sonic explosions on the record as displayed on such previous outings as ‘Authentic Celestial Music’ or ‘I Offered It Up To The Stars & The Night Sky’, but what the album lacks in the way of detonations it makes up for in unobtrusive beauty.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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