Live Review
Django Django
Old Street, London

After hovering on the fringes of the big time for a few years, Django Django finally made a splash in January with their magical eponymous debut, securing hours of radio play with the enigmatic effervescence of single ‘Default’, which they despatch with confidence early on tonight. The XOYO punters tessellate and squirm in the oversold venue, eager to get an earful of this ‘hot new band’, as if Django Django hadn’t been playing London’s toilets and trend-holes on a near-weekly basis since 2009.

To be fair, this is version 2.0 – tighter, stronger, and most definitely weirder, or at least truer to their own odd-kid-out nature. They did meet at a Scottish art college, after all. Singer and guitarist Vinny Neff is the pretty face centre stage, contributing shards of Link Wray twang and surf guitar and clacking his coconuts vigorously (the percussion instrument, that is – the third pair of the tour after having them stolen each night). Bassist Jimmy Dixon does his best turkey neck while keeping close harmony, Dave Maclean (whose big brother is in The Beta Band, fittingly) takes on the not-so-simple task of keeping time, and the gorgeously named Tommy Grace does everything else required on synths. Sweating through their uniform Django t-shirts, the band finish with the ecstatic nonsense of ‘WOR’, soaking up the adoration with genuine surprise at their new-found status as critical darlings and commercial contenders. They won’t be seeing a venue this small again.

By Chal Ravens

Originally published in issue 36 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. March 2012