The revival in interest in early electronic music produces an awkward paradox. From Veronica Vasicka’s ‘Minimal Waves’ series to the forgotten proto-house classics loved by the UK bass scene and the legacy of industrial revived by Carter Tutti Void, it’s an eternal summer of early ’80s retromania. Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and BBC composer Ben Salisbury encapsulate that paradox with this imagined soundtrack for the 2000AD comic.

A vintage Oberheim Two Voice synthesiser dominates while semi-automatic drums warp over rasping metal, making for a fairly literal take on the dystopian grid-eyed world of Judge Dredd. The fantasy action is firmly in the realm of sci-fi hauntology – a past that saw the future in the man-machines of Kraftwerk, John Carpenter and Drexciya – and though the revival is partly a fan fetish, ‘Drokk’ has a stylish commitment to authenticity that can’t be knocked.

By Chal Ravens

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