Nick Cave isn’t a man who need repeat himself very often so when he asks for the stars to come out to play, those fuckers will tumble from the sky, only stopping to contribute to a remix album of sneering, teeth-baring, bombastic blues before they blaze all the way down. Here the second (and last?) of Grinderman’s albums is put through it; UNKLE, Nick Zinner, Josh Homme, Andy Weatherall and Matt Berninger lending their remixes, takes and interpretations to Cave’s ferocious malevolence.

Almost every track is a depth charge of dark matter to keep the blood boiling, the whiskey flowing and the stories rolling, each feeding into the raucous primal reverie, Homme dropping his QOTSA signature all over ‘Mickey Bloody Mouse’, Factory Floor mercifully building noise on skulking ‘Evil’, and Weatherall warping a few realities on ‘Heathen Child’.

By Reef Younis

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