Remember LiveJournal? It was birthed around the time the Internet became a household necessity and by 2008 it was responsible for a text exchange between frontwoman Laura Wolf and guitarist Craig Nunn about starting a band called Internet Forever. Four years later, and with the acquisition of multi-instrumentalist Chris Alcock, they’re ready to release their eponymous debut album.

Produced partly by them, James Rutledge and Dreamtrak, the record is slathered in lo-fi textures and veers towards twee pop. Wolf’s vocals are riot grrrl-meets-college rock, alongside Postal Service-like blips (as on ‘White Light Collision Course’) and sweet indie harmonies (‘I Don’t Care’). Brassy sax and trombone parts then come as a surprise amongst all the nicities – a few winces in an otherwise grinning debut.

By D K Goldstein