This marks something of a break up record for Julie Ann Baenziger. After the rather lovely debut, ‘Songs for the Ravens’, ‘Orangefarben’ feels like a second, prolonged diary entry and another open invitation to sit, settle down and listen. Gentle, contemplative and warming, it marks the obligatory milestone of the failed relationship but turns it into something passing and positive.

Where her lyrics plot routes of introspection, the delicacy of Baezinger’s child-like voice is a constant delight, carving through careful melodies with poise and clarity. It’s arguable that a singer/songwriter can only be as good as the stories they tell, and in the case of Baezinger there’s a rich stock (of religion, sexuality and openess) for her to draw upon. It is, however, an entirely different art to make the personal both appealing and endearing.

By Reef Younis

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