Not everyone has the option to release a grab-bag aggregation of offcuts, deleted singles and remixes before their first full-length debut, but it’s the prolonged route Tanlines embarked upon. With ‘Volume On’ whetting the appetite in late 2010, ‘Mixed Emotions’ has the pressure of belatedly delivering or being quietly reduced to a slight return. Where the former was varied and diverse in its ambition, ‘Mixed Emotions’ is the crystallisation.

Still slipping and sliding through a world of understated tribal rhythms, playful pop, and feather-light synth, it carries the worldly pop promise of Rainbow Arabia’s ‘Boys and Diamonds’ and saunters through the woozy side of Animal Collective. ‘Green Grass’ plays just the right side of an 80s montage, the easy melody of ‘Yes Way’ is a bite-size delight and the hazy ‘Rain Delay’ ticks the requisite pop boxes. Solid but not staggering, ‘Mixed Emotions’ is apt.

By Reef Younis

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