A full CD-R release of a two-and-a-half-year-old chillwave tour? Go on, then. Can’t be more irritating than that Portlandia theme tune. Oh, he’s singing about summer and missing his girlfriend. How orig…hang on, is that a disco beat in ‘Take the L to Leave’? Shit, it’s gone again. But those guitars – lo-fi but lush, like a bunch of crooked wind chimes falling down a tree. And this Chaz Bundick guy sounds a bit like that Ariel Pink dude, but with none of the kooky nonsense and all of the warmth and vulnerability. Not bad at all.

I do sometimes feel like I’m listening to the aural equivalent of a Hipstamatic Facebook photo album, but I’m kind of hooked – hooked because of the melodies. And this is the guy who made ‘Underneath the Pine’? Might have to go back and listen to that a bit more – this record’s way too short.

By Matthias Scherer

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