Live Review
Power Lunches
Dalston, London

Violet is a solo project masquerading as a band, understandably so considering the cynicism that would meet the suggestion of going to see Pixie Geldof sing in a Dalston basement. For anyone in it for the car crash, though (and considering the audience seems to be made up largely of Geldof’s friends, there really aren’t many), are sorely disappointed. Geldof can certainly sing – better, even, than you’d expect the young a-criticism-magnet to. She begins with new single ‘Y.O.U.’, a sweetly lolloping love song that sounds like a Lily Allen desert session track. Then, another one. And another. And, yeah…

The rest of Violet – all boys – sit on their amps and try and succeed to not pull focus from their singer in her Shirley Manson leopard print. They’re sitting ultimately because of the lack of space down here, but it suits this kind of building road music, made for upturned barrels and out houses. Like their singer, they sound faultless. The songs, however, don’t. Far from bad, they just all sound remarkably similar – like Howling Bells slow tracks. It all sounds a bit ‘bought in’. It all sounds a bit masquerading.

By Austin Laike

Originally published in issue 37 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. April 2012