I have a love-hate relationship with indie-pop. Nothing walks the middle ground. I either fall in love or curse the day it existed. Trips to indie-pop nights are a roller coaster ride of emotional up and downs, ending with either the greatest nights of my life or a trip to the hospital. London quartet Allo Darlin’, I’m sorry to say, have nearly always fallen on the wrong side of the tracks.

Sure ‘Henry Rollins Don’t Dance’ and ‘Dreaming’ are decent enough tunes, and although the more polished and professional version of Allo Darlin’ presented on new album ‘Europe’ may win them some more fans, they leave me a little cold. The usual palate of indie-pop influences are on show – a bit of Belle and Sebastian here, a bit of Herman Dune there – but nothing to lift it above the plethora of identikit bands that exist in the genre.

By Olly Parker

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