In his prolific career, At The Drive-In/Mars Volta singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala has been involved in more projects than perhaps he should have. His inability to say no has landed us with plenty of pointless records, but not this one – the brainchild of Christian Eric Beaulieu, aka Liquid Indian. As well as Cedric, Beaulieu managed to get Mike Watt to play bass on ‘Anywhere’, and ex-Sleepy Sun vocalist Rachel Fannan to contribute to a couple of tracks.

The result is seven long tracks heavily influenced by Eastern acoustic music, which are as accomplished as they are typically ‘out there’ for a Bay Area project. A couple of the tracks are instrumental, but the highlight pull in contemporary sounds too, ‘Rosa Rugosa’ sounding like Fleetwood Mac doing Kula Shaker; ‘Anywhere’ more Radiohead via Led Zeplin. Good call, Cedric.

By Austin Laike

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