As far as introductions to an album go, you can’t get much more of a bulldozer than ‘Sermon’ – a filthy, industrial chug fronted by screaming, manic howls of “This is my Sermon”, over and over again, that sound like the violent cries of Future of The Left. The results will either have you kneeling before Baltimore’s most abbrasive clunk punk duo or send you running for the hills. Stylistically, ‘Jazz Mind’ is a jittery, twitchy, incoherent mess, but its all the better for it.

It’s wildly idiosyncratic and deeply original. Often you think it’s going to settle in one territory before it springboards into another – John Maus to Beat Happening in a flash, Suicide to Chain & The Gang in a drumbeat. Then it’ll slip into Liars at their most deranged. Songs barely ever break two minutes, so there is no time to get comfortable anyway. It’s a pacey joyride of a record, deliciously primitive and a wonderful reminder of the effective power of frugality in music.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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