There’s a heatwave and damn!, it’s hot in the city. The power’s out, the air con’s working overtime and hordes of young urbanites are sweltering in the heat, down to their whites, glistening (not sweating, beautiful people don’t sweat) in the afternoon humidity, hanging in their window sills watching similar maple-skinned wonders effortlessly navigate their way on customised bikes and in performance rollerblades. Somewhere a radio’s playing and Electric Guest is spilling out the speakers like the Dangermouse-produced silk it is.

Smooth, polished and soulful, ‘Mondo’ is an album made to be sun-kissed. Infused with RnB-inspired vocals, effortless pop harmonies and soothing, meditative flow, it’s an album that has live lounge and radio-ready appeal written all over it. Rich with Provider-esque bass, ‘Control’ is the track NERD could have made, and although this is very much an album that’s a sum of its parts, when it’s compiled as sumptuously as this, you’re willing to even contemplate that Fearne Cotton could become tolerable, even if it is only for an hour or two.

By Reef Younis

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