Amongst a landslide of sludge riffs and Napalm Death references, you can just about make out Daniel Devine’s cries of “fuckin” throughout Flat’s debut album. There seem to be other lyrics too, sneered with very English (and very Crass) contempt, but God knows what they are. Flats began as a mod-bashing British hardcore band – now they’re an everything-bashing, doomy metal group. The reason it doesn’t work quite as well as their earliest EP is because for all the rage and paddy-throwing, Devine is surprisingly forgettable, then annoying, then forgettable again.

‘Better Living’ thrashes on, proudly touting its underground hard rock influences, quickly mushing into one long slew of indecipherable bar chords rampages, all the while Devine making little sense. Most of the tracks are named after ballroom dances (‘Foxtrot, ‘Tango’, ‘Shuffle’), which is pretty funny, but you have to ask, if Flats really are this angry, why aren’t we allowed to hear the lyrics?

By Danny Canter

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