There’s a shop in Camden, London, called Cyberdog. If you’ve been there you already know what a portion of ‘Altered Creature’ sounds like; if you haven’t, it’s basically Quasar with clothes – the kind of place where kitsch ’90s trance music is pumped out; where you might be chatted up by someone in a gasmask; where terror, fetish and euphoria live side by side.

On tracks like ‘Sleepless’ and ‘Welcome World’ – which sounds a lot like ‘Experience’ era Prodigy – Minneapolis’s Fostercare certainly treads where other techno-heads have already set foot, but elsewhere on this debut album proper he seems to have invented (yep) post-witch-house, keeping the possessed, slo-mo vocals on ‘Daedalus’ but doing away with the RnB drum clack, and repeating the trick on the melodramatic ‘City of Gods’, with Zool from Ghostbusters doing the singing.

By Stuart Stubbs

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