Exasperated and exhausted by their record label, Garbage unceremoniously called it a day way back in 2005. The obligatory greatest hits followed not too long after but as far as everyone was concerned, the band was dead and gone. Seven years and a firmly worded message later, Garbage are scratching an itch. The vision of Shirley Manson stalking and stamping on MTV or barking down your earhole in her 90s pomp is a pretty memorable one, but this is a new chapter.

Reformed and armed with their own label, new album ‘Not Your Kind of People’ isn’t subtle about the subject or inspiration behind the band’s ire. Seven years is a long time to try and forget. Or stew. Garbage will no doubt insist they’re doing it for themselves but it feels like a revenge album and it’s an anger and vitriol that suits them. They certainly sound like a band re-invigorated, because ‘Not Your Kind of People’ is bullish in its energy.

Fired by an angry, barracking industrial beat, ‘I Hate Love’ powers on, ‘Control’ is big and brash, and ‘Sugar’ offers up the coquettish Manson, her vocals carrying the steely menace to contrast the backdrop of dreamy atmospherics. Finishing with the jagged guitar riffs and power vocals of ‘Man on a Wire’, if this album is to be a swansong, at least Garbage have done it once more with feeling.

By Reef Younis

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