Search hard enough and you will find an aged voice that says, “Music was never quite so bad in my day”; hollow words that have become a modern day diatribe against the present. With ‘A Different Ship’, Brooklyn’s Here We Go Magic have landed at a well-trodden shoreline, but one that is ultimately awash with colourful new age ideas, which may appease post-millennial doubters.

Whether it be the Devandra Banhart-aping folk of ‘Hard To Be Close’ – a Sixties-indebted psychedelic stroll through pleasantness – the swirling rhythmical melodies of ‘Make Up Your Mind’ or the Super Furry Animals at their most chemically-induced extremes (‘I believe In Action’), HWGM gleefully grab the past and tweak it so that it appears externally fresh bodied. A different ship for a familiar cargo, this record sails a safe path that doesn’t end up near any rocks.

By Nathan Westley