Crunching guitars and rapid-fire drums blast off from this record from the start – a style that you think would drench it, but it’s not all smash and grab guitars, screeching vocals and pounding drums. There’s often a much richer focus on melodic undertones to Holy State’s debut album, more so than some similar bands prove able to display, and you’ll even hear some brass (an initially bizarre but most welcome addition to the sonic palate, giving an admirable sense of variation and flow to ‘Electric Picture Palace’.

However, while Holy State do what they do well, the debt owed to previous artists is pretty inescapable – very little new ground is being broken here, or even trodden on. Subsequently, there is little to instil a real genuine sense of exhilaration or surge of electricity when listening to this record. You get the feeling Holy State work best live.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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