Autotune really has taken over pop music. It’s pretty much omnipresent, whether you like it or not. Normally, I tend to stand on the side of the latter; however, there are instances in which it can be used creatively and in a restrained manner as a means of intricate manipulation, in many senses treating the voice as it should be – an instrument. ‘Give You The Ghost’ is a perfect example of this: the wonky, slightly dub-infused electronica somehow merges perfectly with the glistening, warped and deeply effected vocals.

Rhythmically, this debut album is riddled with spark, the twin drums and percussion often bringing the album to life, which when sat alongside the pulsing electronics creates a glorious concoction. It’s discordant RnB in many senses, taking the fundamentals of the genre and twisting and inverting them until its original form is barely audible. The results are innovative, stimulating and gratifying, in personal album that plays like a cyborg’s confessions.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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