Portland quartet The Memories made this, their debut album, in a bedroom, on drugs and in love, and boy does it sound like it. It’s as soppy and romantic as it is louche and stoned, no-fi to the point of being as sonically rich as a birthday card that plays a tune when you open it. It’d make it frustrating-to-impossible to sit through if the songs themselves weren’t so charmingly innocent – far more so than titles like ‘Took Drugs (Went Insane)’ suggest.

Just two tracks break the two-minute mark, but this isn’t rattling garage punk, and within its 19 doe-eyed minutes the band manage to resemble The Ramones at their most sentimental (‘What You Want To Do Tonight?’), The Beatles’ ‘I Should Have Known Better’ (‘Higher’) and – nearly – Peter Gabriel’s ‘Solsbury Hill’ (‘Baby (You’re Totally Crazy)’). Well worth putting up with the tape hiss for.

By Stuart Stubbs

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