Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs can’t help but invite happy adoration. Bouncing between blazes of effervescent colour and genre, complete with dinosaur dancers and elaborate homemade headdresses, Orlando Higginbottom’s fantastical, carefree presence behind the controls gives TEED the character to carry the vibrant amalgamation of mainstream-friendly big beat, electro energy and understated vocals. Intent on making a record that would outlive fleeting dance-floor trends, ‘Trouble’ has a welcoming accessibility that owes much to the balance of old and new.

Lifting singles from previous EPs, tracks like ‘Garden’ and ‘Household Goods’ add familiarity but still sound fresh and clean. And with the grind of ‘American Dream Part 2’, the understated slow build of ‘Closer’ and the starry-eyed synth on ‘You Need Me On My Own’, ‘Trouble’ is an album rich with production values, enduring intent and exploration. You can almost see the colours.

By Reef Younis