On paper, Tu Fawning are a band I’d probably cross the street to avoid – their image too ‘arty’, their expressions too knowing to be truly likeable. In reality they are about as collaborative as it gets, taking time out from other bands and solo projects to create this third album. Like Visions of Trees with the rasping edges of PJ Harvey, ‘Blood Stains’s’ jarring oscillations awake their animal urges, while ‘Wager’ batters you over the head with a drumstick shouting ‘you want me!’.

Their quieter moments bubble over into jarring pseudo-prog territory, so the heart-rending swoon of ‘Skin and Bone’ provides welcome relief. And mixing a capella loops with juddering electro beats and an orchestral backbone, things are rounded off by uplifting, surf-rock rock finale ‘Bones’. Tu Fawning are a curious lot, strangely obsessed with blood and skeletons. In time, they could become a band you find it hard to live without.

By Kate Parkin

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