This debut album from girl-girl duo BOY (I think the caps are important) ploughs a well-trodden, inoffensive and commercially friendly folksy pop trail. Much is made of the band’s viral spread and countless copy-cat covers of lead single ‘Little Numbers’ and, while I can find little to confirm the claim that the song has over 4 million YouTube hits, relatively speaking you can see why the single took off. It’s easily the brightest offering on here – an upbeat pop song loaded with hooks, it ticks all the right radio play boxes.

Outside the bland context of the rest of the album, however, it’s hard to see what makes this song different from countless other folk-pop offerings that smother MOR radio playlists. I’ll say one thing in its favour, their sound does make Mumford and Marling look edgy by comparison. Not what they were aiming for but a genuine achievement nonetheless.

By Olly Parker

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