Listening to Fixers is a bit like being slapped in the face by Animal Collective, which, although is cheating, is no bad thing. From the initial, choppy vocals of opener ‘Majesties Ranch’ to the closing ukulele on lullaby ‘Good Night’, it’s uncanny. Along the way, however, this Oxford outfit pull in influences from ’80s synth-pop – especially on ‘Alexandra’, which shimmers like a Tears For Fears track, and ‘Amsterdam’ with its reverberating drums – and ‘Six’ era Mansun, who are hinted at in the erratic tempos of ‘Dais Flowers’, while Congolese soukous shines through the chants and tropical twinges of ‘Floating Up’. Fronted by Jack Goldstein, the five guys of Fixers reared their heads back in 2010 and you can see why it’s taken nearly two years to come up with this. They’ve been polishing their songs to ensure a sinuous, hard-to-fault debut.

By DK Golstein

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