∆ ask Hudson Mowhawke if he’s heard of a McGangBang.


We shouldn’t really be too surprised that Alt-J are fans of Hudson Mohawke (25-year-old Glaswegian Ross Birchard to his friends and family). Alt-J have been dodging pigeonholes for the best part of a year, combining poignant folk, electronica and bass music to create their oddly accessible debut album, ‘An Awesome Wave’; HudMo has been baffling fans of turntablism since he became the youngest ever DMC finalist at the age of 15. In the decade that’s passed, he’s signed to Warp and released ‘Butter’ in 2009 – a solitary, bedroom-produced album that’s still to be surpassed by anyone you care to mention who’s making dancefloor-ready music on a computer. Before he follows up that record later this year (with any luck), TNGHT is his ongoing concern – a joint venture with Canadian Rapper Lunice that will release its eponymous debut EP next month.

You’re about to release ‘TNGHT’. How did that come about, then?

“We’d been talking about doing something for a while, but we never tried too hard to make it happen. Then, we both happened to be in London last summer with a few days off, so we met up and messed around – it wasn’t something we intended to release, but we gave some tracks to some friends and then it ended up on YouTube and it just took off.”

How did you find working as part of a collaboration?

“Well, I’ve tried to do some collaborations before, which have worked to some extent, but they never really fell into place – it’s always been a little bit strange because I like to be just sat in a room on my own, just working. I’m too hands on, too much of a perfectionist to let anyone else pull something in a different direction. With TNGHT we were just having fun, so we weren’t perfectionists about it. We had a load of drinks and just pissed about.”

What do you have on your rider?

“Hmmm, nothing that interesting, I’m afraid. I used to have single pear. Other than that I just have a lot of ginger beer, because I’m a ginger beer addict, two bottles of vodka, some cigarettes… and the pear.”

If you go to McDonald’s what do you order? Have you heard of a McGangBang? It’s a chicken burger inside a double cheeseburger.

“I never go to McDonalds. Never! I’ve heard of the Double Down, which is a KFC thing where the bun is made from chicken and then in the centre is cheese and bacon. I think that’s only in America though. I’ve tried that one before, but I’m not into McDonald’s or Burger King.”

At MIDI Festival last year Gus’ parents thought you were R. Stevie Moore. Any thoughts?

“Ha ha! I take that as a compliment. That was actually the first time I’d ever seen him, but I was a fan, yeah.”

What equipment do you use for your live sets?

“At the moment I’ve got this nice, handmade set-top, which I’ve been using for a while, and an iPad. That’s about it. But I’ve just started doing shows with a lighting engineer, so I’ve got a bit of a light show now too.”

Do you tour alone?

“No, I never travel alone. I know people that do that, but I just can’t do it – I hate it. I’m such a flake that I’d just end up getting all depressed. Lunice travels alone actually, and he does really long tours, which is something else I don’t do. He’s always doing six-week-long tours and stuff like that, and I fucking hate doing that. The most I’ve ever done was two weeks and that was bad enough. It’s kind of the opposite of being in the studio because then I love being on my own.

We DJ’d in London recently and we played ‘Thunder Bay’. What are your floor fillers?

“Let me see… in terms of classic stuff, Outkast’s ‘International Players Anthem’, is always a good one – it’s a proper anthemic one that’s good for the end. Anita Baker too, and sometimes Luther Vandross and Mystikal.”

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

“I have 3 sisters.”

Do you have a recipe you’d like to share?

“I made lobster for the first time last year. I bought two lobsters and thought that before I cook them I’ll let them have one last little swim around before then, so I filled the sink up with water, but didn’t realise that fresh water is completely toxic to lobsters, so it actually drowned them. In trying to give them one last bit of fun I accidentally ended up giving them a slow, horrific, painful death. That’s not a recipe perhaps, more a recipe for a fucking disaster.”

Your house is on fire. Your family is dead.  But you’ve enough time to grab one of your own records – which would it be?

“I’m not sure which it would be of my own that I’ve made, because usually by the time stuff gets released that I’ve made I’m completely sick of it, so I’d let them burn. If I could grab one of the records I own it’d probably be a jazz-fusion record, or something like that. George Duke, or something.”

The world is about to end and everyone’s decided to give up and take drugs. What would you take?

“Probably Mango Rubicon. I’d overdose on Mango Rubicon… washed down with a pear.”

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