The second offering from the new project of erstwhile Nine Black Alps bassist Martin Cohen, ‘Mostly No’ is an occasionally intriguing cocktail of baggy and grunge, fuzzed-up guitars set to a melody-heavy backdrop. There’s a tangible energy to much of this record, and enough catchiness around the choruses to keep you engaged, while the raw-sounding, deliberately rough-edged production lends a dollop of dirty character. ‘Stir So Slow’ is a campsite four-chorder, fleshed out and scuffed up – a stoned-feeling slacker guitar trip with fittingly hazy vocals.

Tracks like ‘Pictures Of Stone’ then meander along in a pleasingly melodic haze, teen-misery lyrics are set against sunny tunes, and the whole thing is simple and easy to digest. Yet without a supremely inventive or original outlook there’s only so much you can do with the bog-standard guitar’n’drums setup, and ‘Mostly No’ feels heavily hemmed in by those limitations.

By Chris Watkeys

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