‘Golden Light’ opens up this second album from Brooklynite George Lewis Jr, and comes across like a synth-heavy remix of a Bloc Party album track circa 2004. It’s pleasant, but pretty generic, and a sign of things to come. It seems as if since his well-received 2010 debut, ‘Forget’, Lewis Jr has rummaged deeper into the eighties record box, accidentally pulled out all the duff ones, and enthusiastically cued them up in a playlist labelled ‘inspiration for next album’.

‘The One’, for instance, raises the uncomfortable sonic spectre of Paul Young in a shiny suit, while parts of ‘Patient’, with its ill-fitting guitar solos, smack of none other than Mr. Luther Vandross. Much of the record, in fact, feels like it could soundtrack the closing credits to Beverley Hills Cop. Meanwhile, some of the lyrics are so cut-and-paste platitudinous that they’d be better suited to One Direction. ‘Be Mine Tonight’ briefly offers musical respite before degenerating into a sickly, mushy chorus. ‘Confess’ is retro heavy in the worst way.

By Chris Watkeys

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