A collaboration between Jamie Stewart’s Xiu Xiu and Italian band Larsen, the former particularly hates the name XXL, even if it is conveniently clever. It’s clearly a minor grumble of Stewart’s though – ‘Düde’ is the project’s third album, created in real time, light on vocals (there aren’t any, save for during ‘Krampus’ and eventually on ‘Vaire’) and heavy on twisted kraut indulgence. It’s no easy listen, coming across like the soundtrack to Germanic art house cinema from the ’70s, where space travel is most likely to be the order of the day. And so these experimental post-rock tracks segue from one to the other without you ever noticing that we’ve slipped from the ‘mad inventor’ scene to ‘lift off’ to ‘meteor field’. It could probably do with some visuals, or more of Stewart’s own pained warbles that work so well on the wibbly landing platform ‘Vaire’.

By Stuart Stubbs

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