Look! We’ve redesigned and relaunched our site. Have a look around.


A little over a month ago our website was hacked and momentarily deleted. We managed to get it all back, but it got us thinking that we were probably due a spruce up on the web anyway.

What we realised is that, being a physical publication, we were spending all of our time creating new monthly issues and then just as much time taking them apart to archive them here on Suddenly it seemed pretty dumb, so on this new site we’ve made every past issue of the magazine available to read as they’re meant to be seen, with our page layouts in tact.

You can flick through and download all of our past issues here. It’s free!

Meanwhile, if you want to read this month’s issue online you can do that too, for just £1. And of course you can still pick up the physical edition of the paper from our stockists (it really is the best option still) or order a copy to be posted out.

Elsewhere we’ve added an issue mixtape, over there on the right and page listing our up and coming parties.

What this all means most of all is that we can make each issue even better, and keep our news feed fully up to date without the distractions of archiving old content here on the site.

Hope you like it as much as us.