By Daniel Dylan Wray

Dinosaur Jr are one of those most rarest of creatures, by which standing in the same place has proven a steady form of forward momentum for them. They are a timeless band in the most literal sense – take anything from this latest effort and swap it with pretty much anything from ‘Where You Been’, ‘Green’, ‘You’re Living All Over Me’ or ‘Farm’ and the difference would be unnoticeable. Their albums remain free from time stamps – undeniably helped by J Mascis’ ever youthful enunciation – and 1989 is no different to 2012 in the world of Dinosaur Jr.

And while many bands occupy similar circumstances, unlike them, Dinosaur Jr refuse to – or don’t seem capable of – sounding jaded or stale, rather just as vital and energising as ever. ‘I Bet In Sky’ is largely fantastic; slabs of guitar squeal and feedback wraps and morphs around J’s soft melodic drawl to beautiful effect. Yes, it’s business as usual but nobody does Dinosaur Jr quite like Dinosaur Jr..

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