Horrors/Cats Eyes frontman Faris to exhibit artwork in new exhibition.


This particular piece of art is titled ‘Map Of The World In Colour Part 2’, by Horrors and Cats Eyes frontman Faris Badwan. It’s one of many original works of art that the singer will display in a new exhibition between 18th – 30th September at The Strand Gallery.

The show is ‘Creatures in Colour: Sketches from Faris Badwan’ and collates the former St. Martin’s student’s vast collection of ink drawings, as well as some new watercolours, showcasing original sketchbooks from on the road and includes song lyric ideas, tour costings and band portraits amid intricate designs and etchings.

About the exhibition Faris says:

“The Creatures in Colour will be compiled from sketchbooks I’ve been keeping over the past couple of years, I draw all the time and as a result the books end up documenting everything. Aside from the visual diary aspect, The Strand Gallery will be exhibiting new unseen paintings and drawings more focussed around colour and technique. There were ideas in the last exhibition that I wanted to develop and expand upon, and a lot of the mark-making in the new work is more expressive and intense.”

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