Interpol to release special 10th anniversary edition of debut album – a modern classic.


We’ve been listening to a lot of Interpol recently, here at Loud And Quiet. It’s almost as if we knew their debut album’s 10th anniversary was fast approaching. We didn’t, but it’s almost as if we did.

‘Turn On The Bright Lights’ has shown amazing staying power over the past decade, up there with The Strokes’ ‘Is This It’, and on November 19th it will release a special reissue, featuring bonus tracks of early demos, a 28-page booklet and a DVD of the band playing New York’s Mercury Lounge in 2000 and The Troubadour in 2002, Interpol’s first LA show.

The band have this to say about the release:

“In 2002, we released our first album, Turn on the Bright Lights. We had waited close to five years for the opportunity to record an album. Needless to say this was a memorable moment for us. We never had any expectations for how the album would be received. We just wanted to present our music as an album to anyone who would be open to hearing it. It was incredible to finally tour and see people react to these songs. We never could have imagined that the album would have reached so many people throughout the world.

We spent a good deal of time this past year digging through our archives and asking others to dig through theirs in the hopes of uncovering some forgotten material. The result of our hunting and gathering has yielded this Tenth Anniversary Edition of Turn on the Bright Lights. We wanted to do something special for the fans who have always supported us. We wanted to do something special for the best fans in the world. We hope you enjoy it.”

Sincerely yours,