By Daniel Dylan Wray

Flying Lotus’ ability to transform the listener into dream-like, nocturnal zombies continues with woozy, hazy ease as you awaken and find yourself in the biosphere of ‘Until The Quiet Comes’. Serene, fragile textures whoosh and burst like stars in the sky, while beats fracture, pulse and swoop like the arbitrary path of a bat, twitching in the deepest dark of night. Sonically, Flying Lotus has always managed to remarkably capture a balance between the seemingly schizophrenic and the plaintively cohesive and on this record he has perhaps cemented this balance greater than ever.

The overtly jazz-induced elements of ‘Cosmogramma’ are refined to snippets and mere whiffs of the genre. This whole record is about balance: balance of the palate, levels, textures and even the use of guests, from Thundercat to Thom Yorke. Flying Lotus seems to know how to best put his contributors in their place, twisting and manipulating them in the same distorted yet fragile way he does his music.

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