Watch the trailer to Willis Earl Beal’s animated movie, and download its soundtrack from free.


Photography by Phil Sharp

As a man who reached the ‘boot camp’ stage of American Idol only to get pissed and go a bit mad, the army-discharged, once-homeless Willis Earl Beal is a definite contender for the most interesting interview we’ve published this year.

Willis draws too, penning his artwork himself, including the cover to debut album ‘Acousmatic Sorcery’. He’s recently completed a short movie called ‘Principles Of A Protagonist’, the trailer for which you can see below before its release later this month.

‘Principles Of A Protagonist’ also comes with a 5-track EP, made up from ‘Acousmatic Socery’ cuts, which you can download for free here.

Read our interview with Willis in issue 36 of Loud And Quiet, here