There’s a simple trick to sounding completely off-the-cuff, and that’s to be the complete opposite – to meticulously plan your execution. It’s like spending 40 minutes making your hair look like it’s been styled in 4 seconds, and it’s something that LA noise band HEALTH do particularly well. That grindcore din, it sounds like they’ve left the tape rolling and improvised themselves to brutal greatness, until you listen again and realise that the snare alone took a day to get sounding like that.

Similarly, Brighton’s Cold Pumas are also ones for the long game when it comes to creating the desired effect. ‘Persistent Malaise’ is their debut album, and it comes four years after the trio formed and fled Exeter’s underground. In that time, their peers (Male Bonding, Mazes, Sauna Youth et al) have all either signed deals, completed albums and tour cycles or – with the greatest regularity – split up. Cold Pumas have hankered down and refined their endless kraut jams that have always had them sounding unlike their friends in any case. With more vocally driven tracks (they’re hardly piped out like Adele, but drummer Patrick Fisher’s reverb gargle is at least clear enough now for you to make up your own lyrics alongside) the band have added just enough of a human touch without upsetting the mechanical applecart that forever surges forward.

Occasionally Cold Pumas take a moment to look up from their two guitars and drum kit, too, allowing the relentless, duelling riffs to slowly come to a stand still. ‘Fog Cutter’ is their best track yet, sounding as taut yet ultimately joyous as Abe Vigoda once did, and even if you only have a fleeting interest in repetition, the methodically planned looseness of ‘Persistent Malaise’’s constant groove is thoroughly captivating.

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