By Stuart Stubbs

If the world ended right now, the top 10 tracks of earth’s sorry finale would sound embarrassingly similar. At least 8 of them would feature Rihanna. A lurid mulch of urban/euphoria bangers indebted to ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’. Perhaps that’s what inspired Brooklyn sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson to create ‘Top Ten Hits…’ – their third album and the first ever that sees a band invent 10 different pop acts that died during the apocalypse and channel their ghosts. It’s a pretty far out concept, I know, but not necessarily for Prince Rama, who grew up in a Hare Krishna commune and before now have written records inspired by utopian architecture.

Safe to say, none of the tracks here feature Rihanna any more than they all sound the same. As with Prince Rama’s previous albums, the backbone of ‘Top Ten Hits…’ is constructed of Sanskrit chants, cyclic structures and eastern thunder drums that make them a little more psychedelic than a Big Muff guitar pedal and a weed addiction. One of the band’s imagined acts sound like Telepathe (the ones that wrote ‘No Way Back’ before the planet went boom), another like a Toyah Wilcox fronted Italo Disco project (‘Those Who Live For Love Will Live Forever’). Claire Grogan made it to Armageddon too, amongst a bunch of gentle Indian dub.  Let’s end it now.

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