Download FIDLAR’s take on ‘Suburban Home’ by The Descendents.


For next month’s issue of Loud And Quiet, we interviewed LA’s FIDLAR, who’ve recorded a debut album that we currently can’t get enough of. You’ll be able to read that interview from 19 January 2013.

In the meantime, check out the band’s take on ‘Suburban Home’ by The Descendents by downloading it for free here. It was recorded as a larger tribute to the 80s pop punk band from Filter.

tame-impala by Stuart Stubbs
2 hours ago
tremblingbells by Chris Watkeys
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antonnewcombe by Alex Wisgard
2 days ago
Gwilym_Gold by David Zammitt
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la-priest by Henry Wilkinson
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usgirls by John Ford
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grimmgrimm by Derek Robertson
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luke-haines by Daniel Dylan Wray
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meg-baird by Henry Wilkinson
8 days ago