Primavera Sound box up Christmas bundles that could get you into every festival for the next 5 years.


If you’ve not got to that stage where you reply, “oh, nothing really” when asked what you want for Christmas, then lucky you. For those of us that have, here’s an idea…

Primavera Sound have boxed up a limited run of tickets for next year’s festival that comes with a mug (all good presents come with a free mug) and an exclusively designed bag.

10 boxes also include a silver coin, which you can cash in for a free ticket to Primavera Sound 2014 the following year, while 1 of the packages has hidden in it a gold coin that counts for 2 VIP passes to ALL Primavera Sound events for the next 5 years.

With only 2000 packages made, the odds seem a lot better than most lotteries, with the gamble only costing 5 euros more than a standard ticket to see Blur headline next year’s event.

More info can be found here.