Perhaps it’s their shunning of the usual trashcan fidelity you’d expect from a Woods/Vivian Girl side project, but The Babies’ debut album comes with a surprising amount of oomph. Indeed, there’s something pleasingly meaty about non-too-rickety garage rock that isn’t too cute to boast the salty refrain of, “You’re a dumb fuck, you fucking piece of shit” with an air of jolly Titus Andronicus about it. Suffice to say that the handful of tracks sung through the pinched nose of Cassie Ramone sound decidedly Vivian Girl-ian, with ‘See The Country’ being the dreary link in the album’s 12-strong chain.

But on the whole, ‘Our House On The Hill’ is a pressing American indie album that’s comfortable in the charge, smelling like the open road and sublime when it pulls over to the curb for ‘Mean’ – the clear highlight here that has Woods bassist Kevin Morby and his delicate acoustic guitar turning Dylan, if Dylan sang about being turned down at a house party, either side of a rather inspired sax solo.

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